Amanda Mitsdarfer

Amanda Mitsdarfer is a stay at home mom. She has an amazing, supportive husband and has been married to for 8 years and they have three wonderful boys ages 6, 2.5 and 1. In their spare time they love fishing, going on trails and just being outdoors. Some of Amanda's interests includes doing obstacle races and working outside in her garden.

Amanda first started Chix in Training after having her second child. She went to a girlfriend day during one of the camps and instantly knew this was for her. Amanda’s goal was to lose weight and get back in shape. She was able to meet her goals and gained much more from Chix in Training. Amanda wanted to inspire others and help them reach their goals and so she decided that she too would become a Chix in Training Trainer.

Amanda is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise).