Bobbie Morgan

Bobbie Morgan’s family is very important to her. She became a widow at the age of 33 and in the blink of an eye, her children were grown up. Bobbie’s 2 sons are now 31& 23 and she is also blessed with 3 healthy grandchildren. Bobbie recently married again in June of 2016 to a wonderful man who encourages her in all of her fitness endeavors.

Bobbie feels truly blessed at being able to retire after 30 years from the U of I. She has continued to find joy in running and being a participant in other fitness classes. Being healthy and fit allows Bobbie to engage in her inner child with her grandchildren ~ sliding, swinging, climbing, and jumping on trampolines. Laughter is the best medicine! Spending time volunteering and gardening rank high on her list of relaxation as well.

Bobbie’s Chix journey began the summer of 2008. She found herself nearing her heaviest weight and staring diabetes right in the face. Bobbie’s dear friend Vicki urged her to join and jump one of her biggest hurdles, which was getting up so early in the morning. Once she did, she was HOOKED! With Tish and Rebekah’s guidance and support, Bobbie became a trainer. First in Philo, and now Chix @ Six.

Bobbie has certifications as CAR certified personal trainer, CAR certified Yoga, CPR certified, Beachboy PiYo certified, OBU Pilates certified instructor.

Bobbie’s motto: Use it or lose it!!! Age is just a number!