Jackie Jamison

jackie-beforejackie-afterMy fitness journey began officially March 2008 when I went to the doctor I was 42 years old and weighed 240lbs (although I have struggled all my life with fighting the battle of the bulge)-now I know you can’t believe I would tell my weight. Believe me I thought long and hard and prayed about putting that number out there, but I want those of you wondering if you can do this-you can- or if it’s too late —it’s not! When I went to the doctor I could not fold my towels without my arms tiring—seriously that is ridiculous! She told me 1200 calories a day, 1500 when I worked out. So I gave up pop, got a bike and by the end of the summer I had lost 25 lbs. By Halloween I had lost 30 lbs then guess what from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day I had gained 20 lbs back-oh no! So then I was back up to 230 lbs. Now I must tell you Rebekah had been to my house and shown me the way to shape up, but sitting at home there was little accountability or motivation. My family certainly didn’t expect much, why should they, I had been saying “this was the day” “this was the month.” Then April 2009 literally an answer to a prayer-BOOT CAMP. I felt like the new kid at school even though I have known Rebekah (for many years) and Tish (for a few years) and many of my fellow boot campers. Many of these ladies were in shape. I remember thinking what in the world am I doing here, So many people will tell you what you can’t do in your life…you’re too old, you’re too fat…you’re just not built for that…you get the picture. But not the Chix in Training-Rebekah and Tish or my fellow boot campers. They cheered me on, they clapped for me, and gave me high fives and thumbs up. They were sweating right along with me, struggling to do crunches and push-ups. You never know what kind of fun workouts are coming; hay bales, carrying boats, walking with balloons between your knees, whatever it is you feel great when you’re done.They tell you good things to eat that won’t defeat all your hard work. I really enjoy the spiritual part of the boot camps, I have heard scriptures in ways I have never heard them before. This, I believe, is my favorite part of boot camp.

I feel I am still in the beginning stages of my journey, but already I have been so blessed.

When I filled out my first papers for boot camp one of the questions was something like would you be interested in running or training to run. I, of course, put “No not ever.” This is how funny life works—I just participated in the Illinois half marathon and I am close to 50 lbs lighter than a year ago.

P.S. My daughter is now starting her fitness journey to change her life…I am so proud of her!