Marlaina Plank

Marlaina Plank began her fitness journey in 2012 when she attended her first chix in training bootcamp in Arcola, Il. After attending that first camp she fell in love with chix and all that chix stands for. Her passion for fitness was ignited and has since led her to multiple bootcamps and through at home programs. Though she did not start with a love of running, she made it a mission to hit the ground running by participating in several 5k races with the goal to continue to improve. Her favorite programs include weight lifting, boxing, kickboxing, and dancing. Marlaina is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor.

At any given time she can be found in front of her television watching NCIS or Gilmore girls reruns, scrolling through Facebook, Pinning on Pinterest, or running around chasing her girls. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with her husband Lamar and two daughters Elizabeth and Abigail.

Marlaina is amazed each day by Gods great grace in our lives and continues to learn about his love and mercy through his word.

"God’s word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path." -- Psalm 119:105