Stacy Welch

Stacy Welch started her fitness journey in 2012 when she started working out with friends and family.  Lifting weights, running, and joining group fitness classes kept her on track and seeing great results both physically and spiritually.  Over time, Stacy focused on running and eventually found herself loving the longer distance runs. In 2015, Stacy joined efforts to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital and pushed herself beyond her goal, running 28 miles in honor of the children at St. Jude's.  

Stacy joined forces with Jamie Meeks in 2016 after achieving her Personal Group Trainer certification to start the first Night Chix in Atwood.  Serving the Atwood/Hammond areas, Atwood Night Chix welcomes energetic women every four weeks where great results are shared on the scales and in lost inches. Stacy and Jamie are excited to expand that energy and success to Sullivan in January, 2017. 

When Stacy is not working hard with her CHIX family, you will find her focused on sharing adventures with friends and family. Stacy is married to her high school sweetheart Jeremy and has two adult children, Logan and Shalynn. Stacy loves to travel, attend church, and is finishing a Bachelor’s Degree through Eastern Illinois University.  Completing her degree in 2017, Stacy intends to pursue a career in counseling services focused on substance abuse and behavioral disorders. Stacy moves forward every day serving God and sharing His word. She is a firm believer that a sound mind, body and spirit are the key to successful living.