Emily Oberg

Emily Oberg’s journey into fitness started 4 years ago.  She just had her third baby, was significantly over weight but more importantly,  was not healthy physically.   It dawned on her that health and fitness are not a cliché or fad but a deliberate lifestyle.  Over the course of the next few years, she lost weight on her own but would plateau. 

When she joined Chix in Training, she made significant progress in her journey.  Emily believes that the personalized approach Chix offers on fitness and  nutrition, combined with the strong sense of community among the women in the Chix camps is what made the biggest difference in her own journey.  She believes that if she had joined Chix earlier in her own journey she would have achieved my own goals much sooner. With that belief in her heart, she pursued my own certification in Personal Training.  

Emily looks forward to helping women of all ages and stages in life to meet their own personal fitness goals while building a supportive community within her camp.