Barbell Chix 6-Week Strength Camp


Savoy Chix in Training is continuing our collaboration with the best barbell gym in the area to offer a 6-week Barbell Chix Camp.

This session begins Monday, July 11th at Silverback Barbell Club in Champaign.


Barbell Chix is an entirely different Chix experience. Strength training is more of a “long haul” than a “sprint”. There are a lot of pieces that need work together to perform a proper squat, bench & overhead press, and deadlift. In this camp, we focus on the movement BEFORE the weight–you’ll be coached in each aspect of the lifts and will progress at an individual pace. In the Silverback gym, you earn the bar & the weight with good movement. There is instruction, correction, and sometimes homework. But through all of these, we’ll get you moving safely and effectively!

We will be again offering TWO CLASS OPTIONS and a wait-list for this camp. Spots are limited.

**PLEASE CONSIDER THE EVENING CLASS if it works for your schedule**
It’s a great time of day in the gym and there are more available spots in that time slot.

13406951_1059456600807552_5837995387068739459_nCamp Cost: $17513483150_1070292783057267_9041963495686312390_o

Camp Dates: 6 weeks, as follows

MWF – 7/11 thru 8/19, 5AM-6AM


MWF – 7/11 thru 8/19, 5:45PM-6:45PM

Sign up now–spots will fill up quickly!

Be Strong. Be Lovely. Be Chix.