Online Chix Body Comp Group

Online Chix Body Comp Group

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ONLINE CHIX BODY COMP GROUP is set up for those who wish to dig in and work on their Body Comp… This group is to encourage and inspire each other in our private Facebook page as we all  post  each day for accountability. This page is not meant for onlookers, rather, for daily accountability for those who wish to be encouraged in the following; Eating healthy, moving everyday, daily food journaling and water intake.

Everyday you are to post a selfie after you workout and snap a pic of your food journal at the end of the day and post it as well.

We will have a couple of templates that you can choose from to help you track if you so choose.

1. Guidelines for Body Comp Group
Share a Before pic
Share Starting weight
Share Ab measurement ~ All to be posted in the page on our first day!

2. A 30 min workout every day and post a pic in the Body Comp Page afterwards.
*to clarify ~ we know you have busy schedules, this can be something as simple as a walk, not meant to exhaust you but to build the daily habit.

3. We suggest centering your meals around a Protein/fat/healthy carb *starchy carb reserved after a workout is best* Avoid sugar and processed foods.

Some of you are eating 5 small meals while others are eating 2-3 meals a day. However you approach this, is your decision. Feel free to post recipes on the page as well. .

4. Water intake goal ~ 3264 oz  each day ~ keep track in your food journal.

This camp is closed. Thanks for your interest!