Jane Dowler


My fitness journey with Chix began in 2013 when my daughter, Kayla, asked me to try Chix in Training with her. I didn’t realize at the time what all was involved with Chix. I thought it was an exercise class, like aerobics or Zumba, but I quickly discovered that it was so much more. It was not only fitness and exercise, it was also nutrition education and a faith-based program. All three of which, unbeknownst to me at the time, I needed to be successful in my fitness journey.

During my journey, my faith has not fluctuated, but my weight has depending on my goal at the time – be it getting ready for a 1⁄2 marathon, wedding or class reunion. I set a goal on January 1 this year to lose 16 lbs. by my son’s wedding on July 6. With Tish and Rebekah’s support, encouragement and never-give-up attitude, I lost 21 lbs. by the end of May and have kept it off, even during a Chix sabbatical ☺. I feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and my goal now is to maintain my weight and fitness.

I very much enjoy the inspirational Christian messages shared each week. I love the fitness component, feeling that I’m doing something productive for my body (skeletal, cardio, muscular, immune, respiratory, etc.) to hopefully lead a longer, healthier life. I’ve gained so much knowledge about nutrition and diet and learned that it truly is the key to weight loss. As much as I don’t like to admit it, journaling my food is a major component of my success. It keeps me focused and accountable. It’s also helpful in that I can show it to Tish & Rebekah for valuable feedback.

One of the things I like most about Chix is that there is no judgement. There are Chix of all ages, strengths and abilities. My fellow Chix are supportive, encouraging, motivating and fun. There is a wide variety of workouts – boxing, summer splash, body bar, battle ropes, sliders, bucket, ultimate – it’s not the same routine each day, let alone each camp. You can tell that Tish & Rebekah take pride in their job and spend many hours working on workouts to make them interesting and fun. Thank you both for all that you do for all of the Chix and your community!