Jane Dowler


My fitness journey with Chix began in 2013 when my daughter, Kayla, asked me to try Chix in Training with her. I didn’t realize at the time what all was involved with Chix. I thought it was an exercise class, like aerobics or Zumba, but I quickly discovered that it was so much more. It was not only fitness and exercise, it was also nutrition education and a faith-based program. All three of which, unbeknownst to me at the time, I needed to be successful in my fitness journey.

One of the things I like most about Chix is that there is no judgement. There are Chix of all ages, strengths and abilities. My fellow Chix are supportive, encouraging, motivating and fun. There is a wide variety of workouts – boxing, summer splash, body bar, battle ropes, sliders, bucket, ultimate – it’s not the same routine each day, let alone each camp. You can tell that Tish & Rebekah take pride in their job and spend many hours working on workouts to make them interesting and fun. Thank you both for all that you do for all of the Chix and your community!

UPDATE March 2024:

In July 2022, I faced a daunting setback when an Achilles rupture in my right leg required surgery and over a year of intensive rehabilitation. It was a period marked by pain, frustration, and uncertainty, and I knew the road ahead was going to be difficult. Non-weight bearing for six weeks after surgery (waiting nine days after injury before surgery), three months on crutches, and then eight months of physical therapy. The toll of the injury was not only physical but also emotional, as I grappled with the reality of a long and demanding road to recovery ahead. My faith in God and the belief that things happen for a reason, played a crucial role in providing comfort during moments of despair.

January 2023 I was approved to return to a modified exercise program with Chix in Training (YAY!). With the invaluable guidance and support of Tish and Rebekah, I not only strengthened my Achilles but also shed 29 pounds over the year. With each step forward, I grew stronger both physically and mentally.

For me, the setback was about more than just physical recovery. It was about reclaiming a sense of normalcy, about reclaiming my health, about regaining the ability to be active and fully participate in life's adventures. I want to be able to travel in my retirement. I want to enjoy my grandchildren for many years to come. A large part of my drive to continue my health journey is to continue to be able to travel to visit my grandchildren, attend their activities, play on the floor, chase, climb and slide on the playground, and play tickle bug on the trampoline with them.

My newfound strength was put to the test during a recent seven-day vacation in Italy. Despite the challenges of navigating cobblestone streets, very hilly terrain, and towering stairs, I’m proud to say, I walked an average of 9.2 miles per day, even conquering the climb of 414 steep steps up a tower.

Through this journey, I was reminded of the profound importance of prioritizing my health and well-being. It is a precious gift that enables us to fully embrace life's adventures, cherish precious moments with loved ones, and pursue our passions with enthusiasm. With grandchildren to cherish and adventures to partake in, staying healthy and active is paramount.

Jane Dowler, March 2024